GDPR -Are you ready?

In May 2018, the new GDPR regulations will be in force and will replace the 1988 Data Protection Act. It has been designed to strengthen protection of personal data for all EU citizens and will affect companies of all sizes, in all regions, and in all industries.  Those not fully compliant when GDPR goes into effect risk legal, reputational, financial and operational impact.

Despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU, businesses will still need to adhere to the same stringent set of laws if they want to trade with other European countries; there is no opportunity here to breathe a sigh of relief and assume that the regulations will no longer matter.

The legislation will bring in a large number of changes and organisations will need to consider it carefully and make sure they are compliant by the time it comes into force. Issues which are attracting particular focus include consent, increased administrative requirements and the need to provide a full audit trail, data exports and the new obligations on data processors.

Categories of Fines

Whereas the Data Protection Directive only had one line stating that sanctions had to be defined by the Member States, the GDPR exactly details what administrative fines can be incurred for violating articles of the GDPR. The maximum fines depend on what the “category” in which the violation occurs: For less serious violations, the maximum is € 10 million or 2% of total annual worldwide turnover of the preceding year (whichever is higher); for more serious violations this goes up to € 20 million or 4%.

GDPR Checklist
  • Employee awareness
  • List the information you hold
  • Communicating privacy information
  • Individuals’ rights
  • Data access requests
  • Legal basis for processing personal data


          Download the full checklist here

  • Consent
  • Children
  • Data breaches
  • Privacy impact awareness
  • Data protection officers
  • International


Contact Centre Implications

For those managing a contact centre, you will have to audit how your customer data is entering the environment, how it is being processed and where it is being stored or indeed if it is being moved eg: if you are using cloud storage or do you have overseas offices etc.

It is also important that companies and their service providers have the necessary policies and processes in place should you encounter a data breach.

Installing and testing new systems, training employees, and getting your head around the new assessment processes can all take time, so it is best to start looking into all of this as soon as possible.

To try and help you along, Aeriandi are holding a GDPR workshop and have created a white paper on the subject. Please see further details below.

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