Call Recording
Hosted call recording made simple. A single secure portal for your fixed-line and mobile call recordings

Recording calls and other customer interactions are essential for companies that want to continuously improve their customer’s experience and enable swifter dispute resolution. But this has to be done the right way, keeping recordings safe and secure so that they fully satisfy PCI DSS and FCA requirements.

At Aeriandi, we have more than a decade of investment in our secure hosted solutions. If you need to record mobile or fixed-line calls and SMS interactions, we have a reliable and secure hosted solution that not only complies with industry standards, but is highly adaptable to suit the needs of your enterprise.

Easy & Quick Set Up

Calls are recorded at a network level, before they reach your enterprise. This means that there is no hardware to install onsite and all calls are available through a single hosted portal

Call Centre Compliance

Our products meet the regulatory requirements defined by the PCI DSS, FCA and other regulatory bodies. They are updated regularly to ensure that they continue to meet new regulations.

This project gave confidence to our customers for their payments, greater assurance to our banking partners in our processes and confidence to our business from reduced fraud cost and our ability to deliver innovative technology solutions.

- David Kershaw, Shop Direct, Corporate Finance Director
Key Features & Benefits
  • Records mobile, SMS and fixed-line (SIP/PSTN) live agent or IVR calls
  • Scalable, reliable and trusted by many leading brands
  • 100% hosted solution, meaning no on-site installation, hardware or down time
  • Archive is the only solution of its kind included on the Visa Merchant Agent List
  • BS10008 certified – ensuring the authenticity and integrity of electronic information
  • Simple and intuitive user interface for ease of use
Aeriandi's Hosted Portal

Aeriandi’s hosted portal is fast, flexible and intuitive. A flexible dashboard and reporting capabilities deliver a real-time, interactive view of your data, with powerful features such as voice transcription, search and call tagging which provide a rich feature set, suitable for any industry sector.


Our call recording solution is BS10008 certified. This means all data recorded, transferred or stored electronically using our solution meets the strict integrity and authenticity standards required for it to be legally admissible in a British court of law.

Quality Assessments and Call Scoring

Simple-to-use, drag and drop tools for creating and managing quality assessments and call scoring activities. Our Call Scoring solution is fully integrated with our hosted call recording solution. Call may be scored on a variety of criteria including customer experience, agent performance and compliance. Flexible reporting provides MI and insight to all stakeholders.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Aeriandi’s ASR technology is designed to help its customers offer PCI compliant payment option to callers who cannot use the telephone keypad.

Typically, contact centres use duel tone, multi frequency (DTMF) technology to enable callers to make secure payments over the phone.  This involves manually entering credit card details using the telephone keypad.  As part of its voice compliant services, Aeriandi offers ASR technology that extends this secure payment capability to callers who are unable to use this method, either due to a disability or to those who don’t feel comfortable using the DTMF process.

Aeriandi's Hosted Call Recording Solution
Regulatory Compliance

Our hosted call recording products meet all of the regulatory requirements defined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and other regulatory bodies as appropriate. They are updated regularly to ensure that they also meet new regulations where required, such as the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and MiFID II, both set to come into force in 2018.

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