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Everyone knows the cloud is the future. But not all clouds are created equal – public cloud solutions provide instant flexibility, whereas private clouds offer a higher level of control.

Our cloud platform gives you the best of both worlds. We use public cloud for some applications, such as long term archival of encrypted data. But for other applications, to achieve the standards of voice quality and security our client’s value, our private cloud hardware in our data centers has proved to be the better option. This allows us to control quality and deliver a service level that you can count on. This public and private hybrid cloud combination gives us something unique. And something that gives you better performance, lower costs and greater peace of mind.

Platform in a Nutshell
  • Frees your business from the complex requirements of PCI DSS
  • Trusted by some of the world’s biggest retail brands, telcos and financial institutions
  • Secure, stable, resilient and scalable
  • Connects directly over PSTN or SIP
  • UK-based data centres, with no single point of vulnerability
  • No hardware or software installed on-site
  • Seamless and transparent to your enterprise
  • Zero disruption to your phone calls or user experience
Platform Features

Private Cloud

  • Meets corporate governance requirements where applicable.
  • Meets data residency requirements where applicable.
  • Based on Microsoft Private Cloud Architecture.
  • Showcased at Microsoft WPC 2014.
  • Exemplary service levels.


  • Robust data segregation.
  • Ability to upgrade by partition.
  • In-depth customer security infrastructure.
  • Individual customer service upgrades/maintenance.
  • Scaled for 20m+ transactions per year.
  • Auditable – not a public cloud ‘black box’.
Active HA Data Centres
  • Resilient and redundant architecture provides a highly available platform.
  • Provides continuous highly available uptime for the service in the face of disaster or maintenance.
  • Enables maintenance on applications without disrupting service to your user community.
  • Supports your disaster recovery polic

Whether you have 10,000 or 10,000,000 minutes a month, our platform is scaled and ready for action

- Matthew Bryars, CEO and Co-Founder
What our cloud solution gives you

One of the main concerns of a public cloud is data integrity and security. Aeriandi’s cloud enables customers to maintain in-house storage for sensitive operations.


Our hybrid cloud frees your business from the complex requirements of PCI DSS and is trusted by some of the world’s largest retail and finance institutions.


Whether you have 10,000 minutes per month or a million, our solution is scaled and ready.


Because a hybrid cloud is configured to use both private and public clouds, it allows users access to significant economies of scale without exposing mission-critical applications or vital data to third-party vulnerabilities.

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